Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Another Saturday got us out the house to
have fun and hang out thanks to +Lowe's .  One Saturday a month (sometimes twice) they offer kids workshops.  Preregistration is required in advance of the date and bring the waiver with you.  Arrive on time as if there are individuals waiting they may get your project if your more than 15 minutes late.

The projects are easy for the most part.  To be honest with you I have had some trouble with a few kits.

When you arrive you give the associate your waiver and she provides you with the building kit and a hammer.

  Open the kit match your pieces and get busy!  There are step by step directions for the whole process.

Sometimes your project does require stickers to be applied.  This is one area I let my kids struggle with.  Otherwise I do help in nailing straight or accuratly and assembling various parts.

Depending on the project plan to be there 15 minutes or up to 30 or 45 minutes.  This week was an easy one. 

My kids enjoy attending these.  They like the ability to fumble and push on in completing their own projects.  They appreciate the toy as the end result.  

To top the cake is receiving that certificate.  My kids are so happy to hear they did a good job and for her to hand them a certificate and badge for their apron.  Not only did they complete a product they are rewarded.

Look up your local Lowe's to see when registration for their next upcoming workshop is and what the project will be.  Go make memories with your kids! 

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