Monday, November 23, 2015

Date 22

  Good morning!  Another date with your kids today! Are you excited?  Did you have fun yesterday?  I know that my kids act differently when they are separated as well.  I have less problems, I hear less yelling and I ultimately have less stress.  So when I can hang out with just one it is a little fun.  Boy only children have it made.

  Today it is another date outside!  Whether it's raining, snowing or a bright sunshine day.  Kids love to go outside.  Take a trip to the park.  Not the kind with slides and swings.  This time you and little one are going to walk and explore.  Make a scavenger hunt. I have a few pinned on pinterest.  Walk around a lake or just take a short trail through the woods.

  Today's date is just providing you with an option to spend some quiet quality time with each other. I don't mean quiet as in don't talk; I just mean quiet as in focused undivided attention without the squeals going down a slide.  My two younger kids like going for walks at the park a whole lot more than my older two.  They like to see the squirrels running, a turtle in the water, count bridges on our path or just all the fresh air they are getting.

  So there you go! Go on out and have some fresh air fun.  If you have more than one child maybe spend a half hour with each of them.  It's nice to see their personality without the others around.  I like to listen to them as the describe something to me.  It's so much easier to focus on them individually.  I know they like it too.

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