Saturday, November 28, 2015

Date 27

 Today is the last day for dating your kids and there's only two days left of date ideas. I hope this month has offered you some creative new ideas for dating. Today's finally date idea with your kids is to have fun. I guess that's the goal of all dates is to have fun. What else is there?

  So today's date is to play games! You can play one on one, rotating amongst your kids children if you have more than one or play with all your children. A marathon of games. How about setting up games in a few rooms so you change rooms and games after 30 minutes. Set up your game system and play that too. Why pin yourself to just boardgames? You could even set up stations outside if you liked. A game of tag or catch. Regardless of what you choose.

  Have fun and play games with your child. Dating is not a chore; there are many options to have a good date besides dinner and a movie.

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