Wednesday, November 11, 2015

1970 toys (Wordless Wednesday)

I have searched high and low for some toys I played with.  These are not all of them which makes me think I was spoiled because this appears to be plenty but I had an older brother and toys did get shared between the two of us. So that makes me lucky he shared and smart parents to be so thrifty!

 My first record player!  Yep folks I have come a long way.  These are where the real vinyls came from.

 Every child was subliminally planted with the idea to become a doctor.  The cuff actually pumped a little and I used that stethoscope as a microphone and headset.
 A cruel game that had us sitting down for hours to try and arrange all the colors on the same side.  How long did it take for us to figure out removing the stickers and placing them all on the same side went much faster?

 Merlin! Not quite like Simon but  with the same concept of computer mimicking and interaction.  My brother had this game I was just jealous of the "phone" game.

Our wheels. The big wheel.  I have seen different versions of these now but not sure if they are completely the same.  Rest assured we were kings of the roads with these! Spinning wheelies and burning steam.

  The slinky was an entertaining toy as it seemed to magically move.   Such a fun toy until you got a kink in it then, it just wasn't the same.

 I actually saw this at my kids dentist office.  Another hypnotic toy.  Funny how water, rings and hooks can also amuse you for hours.  My kids want to play with them when they go to their appointments.

  Practiced my customer service, cash handling and math skills on this.  Also helped me learn some colors.  Match the money to the correct slot.  I always gave back exact change!

  I do have a new version of this game.  My younger kids like the suspense of the pending mess when the timer goes off.  Although I still don't know all the exact names of the pieces.

Fisher Price has come a long way!  Everything seems to be plastic.  My toys were a combination of wood, plastic, and metal.  I loved the bell on this toy (as much as the moo from the barn) and the ramp was always fun to roll your cars down.  I have a different version of this for my son as its relatable to children with the ramp and all not the bell or car elevator.

Getting a box delivered of these childhood vintage toys would be comfort and fun to share with my kids.

What were some of your favorite childhood toys?  Did you save any toys to pass onto your kids? Have they survived being passed on?

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