Monday, November 23, 2015

Voxbox review (comfort box edition)

  As the deadline approaches for reviews, opinions and comments to be completed I wanted to show you what actually came in my comfort Voxbox.

  A voxbox is sent from +Influenster  to individuals in order to obtain different views and ideas from a variety of individuals.   A select number of people are selected to participate with different boxes. People are selected based on a variety of demographics.

  This is my second physical box after just joining this year.  This box just like the previous one offered a variety of items.  I was not disappointed but intrigued with some items I had never tried before and was fortunate to comment on some I have had before.

 This box had a variety of items in it ranging from physical items, coupons to immediately purchase the items or coupons for items to purchase in the future.  One coupon I needed to use immediately to complete tasks was for Ragu.

The rest of the items came in my box and I was able to use or eat them immediately.
 I made this soup for lunch.  I even bought some Annies cheddar crackers to go with this delicious tomato soup.
  This was another product I was not familiar with.  This bag provides snacks for days of delicious chocolate covered bites of almond popcorn.
 Tide brand I have used to wash my clothes but they now offer another alternative.  Dye free and stain release.  Great product if you have sensitive skin.
Fiber Choice! I have heard of fiber and wasn't really familiar with a chewy option.  These gummies are sweet with a hint of citrus flavor and make taking fiber supplements pleasant!

  So those are all the goodies from this box.  My comfort voxbox.  I can't wait till I get my next box and too see what it holds.

Feel free to use my link to grab some samples and voice your opinions too.

  All products were received free from Influenster and provided for my opinions.  All opinions stated were my own.


  1. Oh that Christmas deadline. D:
    Looks like you've got yourself a nice little bunch of goodies here. Sounds like a good little box to be subscribed to. :)

    Christie's Take on Life. x

    1. It's not even a subscription Christie. Random people get chosen for boxes given out. This wasy second box and I started this summer. Feel free to use my link in the blog.

  2. I want to try some of those Annie's soup/pasta boxes it looks awesome!

    1. It had the deepest tomato flavoring I have ever had. The crackers just complimented the soup. Plus they are bunnies so bonus points for cuteness.