Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Date 24

  I don't know about you but if I gave my kids a choice to go somewhere this date option would at least make the top 5.  Some of their choices may be out of state to grandma's or Disney  but if they had to choose locally; the zoo would definitely be a top pick.

  I know you just went to the museum yesterday but the zoo is always a winner.  We even printed a scavenger hunt for the zoo a couple times.  I like asking my child what she sees, what an animal says, what she knows about the animals.  There is a lot to talk about at the zoo.

  I know it seems like the dating this week has been nonstop but aren't kids nonstop.  They always like to keep moving, talking, exploring, repeat.  The week of dating your child is almost over.  The month of dates is almost over.  Let's just hang in there and have fun with it.

  Post some pictures of your animals.  I love zoos.  If I could visit a zoo in every state I would.  All zoos are not created equal.  We have red pandas, are about to lose our elephants and have a walk-thru exhibit in the wallaby/kangaroo/emu exhibit.  DC has panda bears.  It would be so near to see all the different creatures.

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