Friday, November 27, 2015

Traveling Wine

 Nothing beats taking your trusted brand, your favorite brand of wine on the road with you.  You have sampled a variety of flavors over the years and have finally settled on your go to bottle.  The only problem is not everyone is open to glass bottles.  Don't you wish there was a plastic bottle you could travel with?

  Pools, parks, concerts, ballgames and other outside events like fireworks and picnics restrict glass bottles.  I for one am not pouring my favorite wine into a water bottle to celebrate a monumental occasion. What's a person to do with a bottle of wine?

  Traveling wine bottles.  Plastic bottles that I can pour my glass bottles in and take anywhere? A foldable wine bottle is a great portable way for me to transfer my red or white wine to any event.

  Unscrew cap, fill bottle, secure cap and go!
Now sharing my wine or traveling with it just got easier!

  I tested this product and was pleased with the ease of it.  The top stays secure, the bag is the equivalent weight or slightly less than a bottle, makes transporting wine easy, fun and manageable.  I was able to fill the whole contents of the plastic bottle with the wine bottle I selected.  The bag is made of a durable plastic and was easy to clean and rinse.  Folds for easy storage and I will use this again.  Recommended for any wine enthusiasts!   I was provided this product free for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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