Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sure Deodarant (review)

  We all are partial to having an off day in the scent department!  Whether you have a meeting in the morning, or had a playdate in the afternoon.  Stress, working out and sometimes in general body odor tries to creep its way out. 

  I would rather keep that business to myself.  No one needs to know.  No one needs to see stains, perspiration or smell me.  When you choose deodorant these are some of the areas you look for in protection.

  I want confidence that my deodorant is working,  I want the ability to use my arms when expressing myself without fear of embarrassment.  Sure deodorant helps in all these areas and with an added bonus of 48 hour protection just in case your on the go a little bit longer.

  Sure offers a variety of scents as well as solid, invisible and spray.  They help cover all the possibilities before they happen.  Sure is a deodorant you can depend on and count on.  A trusted brand. 

  I was provided this product free for review purposes.


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