Sunday, November 22, 2015

Date 21

  A new week! The month is almost over and that means so is all this dating.  This week we are turning the tables again on the conventional dating.  You dated your spouse, you dated your friend and now this week is your children.  I will even go as far as saying if you have a fur baby go ahead and date your dog.  I only say this because some people call their pets their babies.  I have a dog but he is not my baby.  I have too many babies to include him, lol he's just my dog.  So get creative you furmommas and show your animals some love too!

    Now that we have that established.  Today your date will take place at the good old playground.  Pick the best one in your town, the only one in your town or your kids might even have a favorite one.  Phones are only allowed if you take pictures with it.  Give them your undivided attention.  You are on a date with them. But you are going to take the lead this week.

  You can choose to tell them your dating or not tell them and just tell them they are getting a little more special time to spend with you.  My kids love one on one time.  Sometimes they are even satisfied with just them and 1 other child.  (4 kids is a lot sometimes)

  So today push your child on the swing, kiss them at the bottom of the slide. Chase after them on the playground.  Any interaction will be greatly appreciated!  Have fun with your kids today and meet me back here tomorrow for another date!

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