Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekly Re-cap

  This week has been very successful in the weekly meal plan.  I made 5 days of dinners and that was one more than I usually do.  You know I try to jump ship on Friday but not this week.  There are a few leftovers from each meal in the fridge, I will be lucky if it gets everyone through the weekend.

Be hold an international meals trip.

Monday was American!  Featuring hotdogs, homemade baked beans and potato salad.

 Tuesday was a stop in Italy.  Nothing fancy.  Spaghetti and a side of focaccia!

 Wednesday gave us Brats, Sauerkraut, and a German Apple Pancake Zells.

Middle Eastern hit the eager bellies on Thursday!  This was the second time I made this meal before. Falafel, couscous Tabouli Salad and a cucumber yogurt sauce.

Lastly Friday night I stepped up and made eggrolls for the side of chicken fried rice.

Yeah for me! Yeah for the family! Yeah for our bellies!

  I have read half way through one book which is progress as it takes me FOREVER to read a book.  I never find/make time for it.    So if I can finish the 4 books I picked up at the library before the end of the year I will be a happy camper!

  Of course I had my first mammogram this week and I get to go back for another set of tests Monday. (Wish me luck)  I also eagerly await my visit to the Orthopedic for my foot issue.

  Tomorrow we finish up on dating your partner and start in on a new week of dating and ideas.

 I hope your week was great!

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