Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Weekly Goals

  Well I succeeded with my 25 miles goal last week.

I read to the half way mark of my book! I am ahead one week with my meal plans! I worked hard on increasing numbers and engaging more next month I'm going to start keep track better with documentation! Lastly I dumped some well over due pictures!!!

This week goals!

1. Hit the gym 5 days.  This is not a challenge, chore or goal for me but taking a different class would be! I use a variety of cardiovascular equipment and lift weights but classes I tend to shy away from.

Monday: Aerial Yoga
Tuesday: TRX
Wednesday: Line Dancing (this is a regular class for me)  Maybe I will find something else on this day as well!
Thursday:  to be determined
Friday: to be determined

2.  You know what else I'm horrible at drinking water.  Even 8 glasses is asking a lot.  It's not that I'm filling up on other stuff because I'm not. I may just go all day without drinking anything. So I will focus on 8 and shoot for drinking 10 glasses everyday and keep track on app.

3. Part of me wants to add a cardio goal to go with this fitness week but I'm not sure what to set the goal at.  This week I'll shoot to cycle ...25miles is too low because I can do that in a day.  Not sure if 100 is too much. That's 25 a day.  Kind of seems like a lot. I guess I'll shoot for 50!  Let's just see what I get but, I'll cycle this week instead of run!

4.  Finish my book! Sounds like a great idea! There's 450 pages in the book!

  Hey do you think if I don't put dump more pictures if I will actually do it?  I have it on my to do list and it just keeps getting transferred to the next day.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weekly Menu 8/21-8/24

  This shrimp plate was from a couple a weeks ago but, I may have to put it on the menu again soon.  Everyone liked it.

  This week I guess pasta is the word of the week.  Although one day I'm going to try to make the Zucchini pasta!  I did a run through of my pantry items think I have my ingredients organized for this week and next but, for some reason I'm second guessing myself so we shall see.  I'm not sure I'm feeling the days I have specified but that's ok. The menu is planned and I can switch the days around because the hard part is over.

Sausage and pasta

Zucchini pasta

Chicken and pasta


  Happy eating everyone! My dinners are planned now off to plan something else!

  If you could have your favorite meal tonight what would it be? Or where would it be?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Banana Peach Non-Dairy Frozen Treat

  Today we are going to try an edible delight! I had a peach last night that was the best piece of fruit I have had in a while. The first bite was so juicy that I knew I was about to enjoy the rest of the fruit for the next 15 minutes.  I dragged the consumption out!  I took a bite, sat it down, came back from another and sat it down until sadly it was gone. No worries though because there were 4 more in the bag and No one else knew how good they really were.

  I have made the infamous non-dairy ice cream with bananas before but today I raised the bar! I added peaches!

2 ingredients and a food processor is all I used in addition to the freezer.

1 frozen banana

1 ripe peach

1. Blend the frozen banana in the food processor until smooth and creamy.

2.  I then refroze the creamy banana for a half hour.

3. Slice up some of your peach!  After I sliced a side I actually only used a tablespoon of the peaches for my 1 banana.

4.   Add your spoonful of peaches to the creamy banana blend together again and add it back to freezer for a couple hours or until it's reached a texture to your liking.

  Your healthy 2 ingredient non-dairy frozen dessert is done! Grab a spoon and dig in.  Now this is only one serving so if you don't want to share eat it when the kids are in bed! Or double the recipe and offer a healthy treat to the kids too.

  How else do you stay cool in the summer if not with a frozen treat?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Weekly Goals

  Last week didn't end to bad.   My meal plan was followed except for the last day.  I managed to come up with a new week and reduce it by a couple days to eat up leftovers!  I did catchup on some surveys.  Donated old clothes to the thrift store and am slowly chugging through my book.  Those darn pictures are still on my phone and accumulating more at a slow rate.

  New this week:

1.  I'm shooting to be half done with my book!

2.  Dump those pictures! Whatever will happen when this goal is complete?

3.   I want to engage more on a daily basis with others! So everyday I will like and comment on followers that I don't already comment engage with.

4.  I ran almost 5 miles today I would like to get 25 miles total in for the rest of the week!

5.  Shooting for another week ahead in my meal plans!

Did you see my dinner last night?  It was delicious!

  What is one goal that never seems to be completed?  Do you have a deadline this week that your working towards?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekly Menu 8/14-8/18

  Last week I made all my planned meals except for the vegetarian chili on Thursday.  I would normally carry over the meal into the next week but I'm missing a few important ingredients too so I'll put that back into the pile.

  This week I'm only making 3 meals because there are enough leftovers in the house to feed us for a couple days.

Monday 8/14
1 pot chili mac

Tuesday 8/15

Wednesday 8/16

Thursday 8/17

Friday 8/18

  I'm looking forward to my short week.  Plus as long as we eat up the leftovers the weekly plan was a success.  If meals get thrown away because it's old or under appreciated it's definitely a sad waste.

  Any meal plans this week for you?  Any dinner out plans?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wordless Wednesday Look Up

  It's summer time here which allows things to slow down a bit or vice versa depending on the day but I still try to capture and appreciate natures beauty when it's made available to me.

  Sunrise or sunset is the highlight or the finale to my night.  I love catching sight of a good show in the sky.  I have missed a few sunrises in the summer but will make up for that soon.  However I am catching all the colors and rays in the evening.

I leave you with these images and hopefully some inspiration to get outside and look up! You never know what color it's going to be which is half the excitement!  When's the last time you looked up?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Arctic Frozen Desserts Review Part 2

  Yes, there is a part two because I didn't try all the frozen treats at one time.  I had to savor it and spread it out.  So over the weekend we cracked open the other package!

  The other package of cold healthy goodness.  Cake batter flavor dipped in red velvet.  I'm going to give you a minute to think about that!  Ok yep it's as good as it sounds!  Regardless of how many calories it's missing!  The label states the facts and I'm stating a fact. This was delicious. Speaking from a sugar lover.  I don't know what happened or how but, this was good. Lactose, GMO and gluten free! 80 calories leaves you room to sneak something else!

You know you might not even take my word for it so here's  my proof!

Convinced yet?  I didn't have to bribe them to take bites.  I just had to take quick pictures before it was devoured. It's a shame you can't taste mine.

  I was provided this product along with the tubs complimentary and for tasting and review purposes and all opinions shared here were my own.  You can pick up a variety of flavors at a grocery store near you. Catch the sale and pick up more then one flavor!  

Check out their site here for more options!

Weekly Goals

  I was going to skip goals this week but then I thought to myself what would I accomplish?

  Last week I managed to complete some or all of my goals.  I went through some of the kids clothes to get rid of but now the bag sits in the hallway.  I downloaded some pictures but not as much as I should have.  I just finished one book yesterday and I did get a few posts done for the week ahead.

  This week I would like to:

1. Tackle some more clothes AND drop off the clothes at my local thrift store!

2.  Dump 500 pictures!

3.  Finish another book.  I have one that I still need to finish for my book club next month but I'm still sitting on 2 that are approaching due dates.

4.  Keep ahead with my posts!  Mealplans the most so I know what to get when I go grocery shopping!

5.  Complete some campaigns and surveys.  The more I complete the more products or giftcard I receive.

 Oooh look I added on an extra one this week, I'm getting wild and ambitious now.  Once I get my books and pictures caught up though I'm going to have to move on to something else and quit stalling.

  I hope you have a productive week!  What's one thing you keep putting off?  How many pictures are trapped on your phone?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Meal plan 8/7-8/11

  It's that time again to organize what's for dinner!  I don't create recipes for me it's just easier to research recipes and raid the pantry.  Each week I try to make a meatless meal sometimes it turns into 2 days and that just a coincidence.  I might not even he 100% of the ingredients but I make the meal anyways.  A crockpot meal once a week is a nice break and of course so are leftovers!   Sliding in a new recipe is always fun to spice up the palette too!

8/7 Soup and leftover salad:

8/8 Pasta:

8/9 Chicken:
Baked chicken with brown-sugar-barbecue-sauce.

8/10 Crockpot:

8/11 Leftovers

There it is everyone! 2 days this week with chicken, 1 meatless and all new recipes! The slow cooker thrown in for convenience and soup also for an easy night! Happy eating! What's your dinner plans?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Chocolate Banana Smoothie with peanutbutter

  I am a breakfast person.  I wake up and I'm ready to eat.  Unlike my kids whom wake up ready to eat but sometimes it's because they skipped dinner based on personal preferences.

  I cook/prepare a variety of items for breakfast.  Sometimes the meal is cereal or oatmeal but I'm ok whipping up pancakes, waffles or muffins too.  I also like to make smoothies.

  Smoothies are hit or miss with the kids.  Sometimes I actually win getting fruits and vegetables in them this way sometimes the taste gets them straight out the gate.  I remember making a spinach one but my daughter had seen me put strawberries in prior to the spinach. She asked why is it was green?  I lied and said because strawberries turn green when blended sometimes. Hmmm. She has this hate with green things: broccoli specifically.  I will tell you what. She drank that green drink and it was good. Bye, bye spinach do your nutritional magic!

  Today was a banana smoothie with peanut butter.  This recipe was dairyfree but you could easily change milk in place of my substitute. Skipping the peanutbutter is not a big deal either.

1 frozen banana
1 cup of chocolate almond milk
1 T peanut butter

Blend it all together.   Depending on how many mouths are tempted to drink or try it, I may think it out with more milk.  I like thicker smoothies.

  I find it to be sweet enough based on the almond milk so I don't add any extra sweeter but you could add a tablespoon of syrup or honey.

Bottoms up! Try a glass of this to accompany your next breakfast or in place of eating if your in a rush!  Do you drink smoothies what's your favorite blend?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wordless Wednesday (A day in the garden)

  We have had an annual pass to our local botanical gardens for years.  It's somewhere we all like to go as a family.  Every time we go and see something different.  There are more then just flowers, plants and trees here.  There is also a cafe, a children's play area and more.  It's a popular wedding venue so we have also caught a couple bride sightings.

Off we go with the kids leading the way why because they enjoy it just as much as me.  

It's nice to go multiple times because different flowers grow at different times of the year.

I love in the summer when they open the butterfly house.   This is a must stop on our visit to witness eggs, caterpillars and butterflies.

We spend a good couple of hours here every time we go. We ride the tram around then walk on foot through the whole thing again. 

Do you have an annual pass to somewhere?  Where do you find yourself visiting often?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Arctic Frozen Dessert Review Part 1

   I received a box of frozen goodness outside my door.  I must admit the first delivery was not successful but then I received a replacement box! This frozen dessert was a nice sight in a week of temperatures in the high 90's.

  I the packaging was very sweet to include a handwritten note! A catalog of other flavors and the bow was a nice touch over the cooler.

  In the box were 3 pints of various frozen desserts, a cute heart shaped bowl and a box of cake batter pops!

Let's talk about the flavors!

  Rocky Road Trip first off was this gorgeous chocolate flavor with chunks of almonds and marshmallows.  Sadly this one was not my favorite.  I dug into it first anticipating chocolate and didn't taste it as much as I wanted.  Aside from that it was hearty and full of chunks. There were bits in every spoonful.

  Peanut Butter swirl was a combination of peanut butter and white chips swirled in vanilla.  I enjoyed this one and although I would have liked more swirl; the flavor was there.  You could  visible see tell peanut butter and chips so again you were getting spoonfuls but this one was more appetizing to me.

  I finish with Cherry Chocolate Chunk. Another chunk dessert.  Similar to the first flavor with big pieces mixed in.  I liked this flavor the best.  The cherry flavor combined with burst of chocolate was delicious.  Even if you managed to get a scoop without the chocolate it was still good.

  What I love about Arctic Zero frozen desserts is there is a whole variety of flavors as well as the healthier choice aspect.  These desserts are not only gmo free, gluten free, lactose free and but have between 75-80 calories.  So after a hard work out or a week of eating right this makes the best treat!

Part 2 my review of the Cake Batter pops to follow shortly.  

  I received this awesome box complimentary for my tasting and review pleasure.  All opinions are my own.