Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Motivation

We live in a picture perfect world. 

  I think we survive on motivation. Motivation doesn't just come from within.  It comes from what we see.  What we feel and what we want.

We push ourselves for success. 

We don't have to see the top of that hill. 

We know it's there! So we keep heading in that direction.

Sometimes its for the challenge.  We know we may get dirty.

However we still do what it takes!

It doesn't matter what we are working towards or what drives us.  All that matters is we keep going.  We can enjoy the present but, we will always have the future.

We can't see it and we don't know how far it is but, we move.  We move by motivation.  Motivation to live and survive.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week 4 goals

 This week as I reflect on my goals. I put into consideration what I want to accomplish and why.


  I want to get in 50 miles.  I shot for 15 last week and that seemed to easy so I need to challenge myself.

  I want to take at least 3 classes!  I'm not a fan of classes but, they give me a different kind of workout. 


  Hydration!  I am currently doing so well on my daily water intake that I want to raise my 4 bottles to 5!  This should balance out with the increased cardio.

  I will meal plan hmm tomorrow so that will be 5 meals. Probably my lunch but, maybe my dinner.

   I'll style my daughters hair.  Hello YouTube or Pinterest!

Photo pulled from Pinterest and her hairstyle will not be this cool.


  I'll make a snack, a dessert and a new recipe!!


  I will clean my fridge! Pulling the shelves and drawers out!  Lol, no cutting corners I'll even do the freezer!

  I feel good with this list!!  I'm walking into a new week with an organized plan amongst the rest of my daily routine!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Week 3 Recap

  I hit all my goals this week!  Yeah for being so productive but, that doesn't always happen which is why I'm celebrating.  You have to celebrate the small things.  Even if I only completed one thing I would have said good job and rolled over the other items.

1. I finished and start a new book! I am now onto book number 3.

  So far it's starting out good which always makes reading a book easy, right?!

2. My new recipe of the week was Swedish Meatballs. 

They were ok.  I didn't make the meatballs by hand so I cheated a bit but, I wanted a little more flavor so I will try again.

3. I have a few posts figured out for next week.  That's good enough for me.  Having a direction is better then not.

4. The nails did get painted as well.

A little gold for the week!

5. Lastly my fitness goal was met.  I wanted 15 cardio miles.  With inside lap miles, my job, the elliptical and the spin bike my miles were over 40 miles.  For 2 days of cardio machines I did 15 miles alone. 

I'm going to need to up that numbers!

  Overall my goals weren't that hard but not all goals have to be.  Goals just have to be something you work on accomplishing.  The meal was a benefit for my family.  The book, nails, fitness and blog were for me! 

  Maybe I will work on adding goals for specific reasons or people.  A new week is coming and there's nothing else to do but get ready for it.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Family Fun at the movies

  We loved going to the movies in this house.  It's not just about the movies because to be honest you don't know about the movie until after the movie.  It may be about the popcorn though!

Sometimes we don't have to vote on the movie we are going to.  It's just unanimous!

Paddington was on my mind since I saw the advertisments.  Paddington of course needed a sequel!  This movie rated PG with a run time of 1 hour and 43 minutes was an entertaining movie the whole time!  My kids enjoyed watching the bear and his antics.  

In this movie from the previews you know that he goes to prison, turns the laundry pink and of course indulges on Marmalade sandwiches.  With the bear locked up the show must go on.  That leaves his family whom does all the foot work to prove Paddingtons innocence. 

This movie will not disappoint.  My kids are older and had no trouble following through and laughing along with the show.  This was a great sequel and sometimes we know sequels are not always good.

  This was a great family day.  We saved money by going during a matinee.  Along with utilizing refillable popcorn buckets that will can refill for a fraction of the cost.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Growing Independence

  I live in a house with kids and a husband.  Many of you know sometimes things wait for us to do them and sometimes we eagerly delegate things for others to do.  Although we all know we should have just done it ourselves.

  Pulling out dishes with food on it, grease in the cracks or unidentifiable substances.

  I should have just washed them myself!

3 bottles of cooking oil, 6 packages of bacon on sale, potato chips and milk on a grocery run.

I should have just done it myself!

  My last child is growing up and I have to be ready regardless.

 He's growing up and he doesn't need me as much anymore.

He is buttoning his own clothes.

Zips up his own jackets.

Brushes his teeth more eagerly thanks to his new Spinbrush! 

Thankfully he still needs me for little things and I'll hold on to that.

Is this right?

He is not only my last but, the 4th and the 
only boy!  

He holds a special place in my heart partly because I hold a special place in his.

  It's all about cherishing the memories.  Appreciate the time you were helpful and look towards the future for the new opportunities.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Marlena book review

  My second finished book of the year was a random book selected from the shelf.  I state this because my yearly books will be made up of random books, books suggested to me and book club selections.

  I read 40 books last year based on challenging myself to read more.  This year I have challenged myself to read 50! 

  Marlena by Julie Buntin is a fiction novel.  The story revolves around 2 families of 2 teenage girls.  Both girls live on the same property and are friends based on proximity and income.  One is only slightly better off then the other.  Both girls missing a parent in their life but the similarities end there.

  One girl Catherine whom is enchanted with the older and more rugged Marlena form a unbreakable bond that gets them  feeding danger together.  School becomes unimportant.  Trips to vacant hotels, church tunnels and doghouses are just part of the day.  Eventually too much school skipping is found out all because of a spontaneous pizza lunch. 

  The teens indulge in drugs and alcohol.  Catherine is concerned with her friend but, still follows the bad behavior of her friend.  The setting in a rural  town with minimal entertainment other then finding trouble makes the drug abuse seem almost expected. 

  This book gives you a glimpse of teens and drugs.  Misguided teens, unsupervised teens.  It's kind of a sad story when you read about the drug abuse and how it's obtained, made and sold to other teens. 

  There is tragedy and more tragedy and as much as I would like to state comedy I can't think of one spot.  You don't know where the book is going to take you from start to finish; so you have to read it to the end.

  It was a good book.  The plot was easy to follow.  There was a point to the whole book.  All in want from my books is to not get me lost.  It ends not the way you expect.  The two girls do part ways and you don't expect that from bestfriends either. 

  Now I will end with that I have not spoiled the book if you choose to pick it up!  I'm off to read book number 3!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Homeschool Fun with Flashcards

    I haven't posted school in a bit but, we are still working on it.  Today we worked with flashcards.  Flashcards are very easy to get.  You can even pick up a pack for a buck at the dollar store.

  There are many ways to utilize a box of flashcards.

 1.  Match uppercase with lowercase letters.  Lay out all of one set of cards and then give out the other set.  Cards don't need to be in order.

2.  Next the cards were then put in order.  This part always amuses me because he sings the alphabet song so many times.

3.  Identify the items on the back.  Some of the pictures are harder then others but, it helps him to form the picture and letter together.

  I find it very helpful in him recognizing letters by several repetitive activities weekly.  Reading, and writing need to be done several times a week.  I especially see the retention when he's learning new words.

  Teaching him and watching him learn warms my heart and I'm glad I can be a part of the process.  I'm glad I can build the foundation.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Motivation Monday

  A little motivation for your week is a Monday off!

    We didn't get to a service day event but, if you did I would love to hear about it.

  Each year I set goals to volunteer.  I bring my family.  I go by myself too but, all that matters is that it gets done.

  Do you volunteer?  Alone with family a group or even your church?

  I have volunteered with organization's and for organizations and plan to continue that this year.

  I will volunteer or donate to local organizations with my family, with the kids and by myself.

Areas I plan on volunteering with in my local area are:
1. Red Cross
2. Ronald McDonald House
3. Edmarc
5. Roc Solid
6. Foodbank
7. Meals on Wheels
8. Salvation Army
9. Soup kitchen
10. Military

  Volunteering doesn't always include monetary contributions.  It also includes donations. 

 You can donate clothes, books and household items.

  You can collect hats, scarves, socks and coats!

  Assembling boxes for the military or operation shoebox.

  However don't limit yourself to staying inside the box.  Random acts of kindness are just as good.  Paying for someones coffee!  Cookies to your fire department! Or even cards to nursing home residents!

  My goal in the area of volunteering is to do something every month.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week 3 Goals

  Let's just start with goals today and follow it up with motivation tomorrow. 

  This week:

        I want to be on book number 3!

                     Try a new recipe!

                      15 miles of cardio. 

 Prep and plan future blog posts

                          Paint my nails!

  I specifically picked 5 because maybe one per day will not be overwhelming.  I can choose to end my week with a little pampering and get my nails done.

  Don't forget when you plan your week to do something for yourself too! Working hard deserves a reward.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Week 2 Recap

  The snow is finally gone and life got back to a routine by Thursday.  It was long overdue.  It's not just about people not knowing how to drive in weather they are not familiar with, it's also about roads that were not safe to travel on .

  I have made my water quota everyday which again is huge because I never drink water.  I could go all day without drinking it.  So to drink my daily requirements daily is a triumph.

  I  made it to the gym the last few days of the week and took classes amongst my normal routine. I took 3 classes and 2 of them were new to me!   Fight and Mixxedfit.  Each class is a one hour long intense get your body moving class.

We dined out at Chick Fil A for a kids New Years Karoke event!

I even saw that my son is capable of sewing as he demonstrated at a sewing event at our local library where they made travel tic tack toe games.

Still slowly finishing my book.  It's not a bad book I just haven't found time to charge through it.  

I finished my week off with a movie!!! Stay tune of what I saw this week!   

How did your week go?  The second week into the year are you still going strong?

Friday, January 12, 2018

Family Fun

  I am a child of the 80's.  So one year years ago I thought my kids needed toys I had.  Why because they made me happy.  Not thinking of what currently makes kids happy. Tablets, Ipods, XBox and more.  It made me happy and that's all that mattered.

Enter the Easy Bake Oven.

  I have had one in the closet for a few years.  It wasn't gone and forgotten it was just waiting to be appreciated and used under adult supervision.  After a special request for food to cook in it was rescued.  The oven was pulled out!


 Now I have seen a variety of meals to cook in it.  From nachos and Mac and cheese to cakes and cookies.  The only dilemma is will it work in only this specific oven or the oven we have.  I have also looked up homemade recipes but based on reviews haven't taken a leap to see if the recipes are really reliable.

  On this day little Miss made chocolate chip cookies with chocolate frosting.  She was so excited and allowing her the independence from start to finish was exciting for her.

 The packages come with all the ingredients.  You just may need to add water.  She was responsible for reading the directions, preparing the cookies and I observed her putting them in the oven and taking them off the pan.

  She made the cookies, and frosted them any way she wanted.  Some she dipped, others she spread chocolate in the middle and we tried to drizzle but, that didn't work real well.

Over all the recipes worked for the oven we had.  They were easy for her to read, understand and follow.  She was pleased with her final product and ate them happily.

These are definitely a snack for little people!  What was one of your favorite childhood toys?