Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mummy (craft)

  When it comes down to it decorating is fun.  Arts and crafts are fun; so why not combine the two when you can.  What makes your decorations good are making them yourself.  This cuts down the cost and opens up the door to so many possibilities.  What's even better is its free if you can manipulate what you already own to create crafts or decorate.

  We worked on a couple mummies.  The kids were able to make them by alone with little help from me.

  For both of these crafts you will need toliet paper.  Everyone should have this supply on hand and you can still use some of it off one project if need be.  (Just in case it's an issue that your using it.)

We decorated our door first.  I started this last year with a snowman and it just kind of makes you smile when  you see a decorated door.  It is an inside door so it lasts for as long as you want since it's avoiding the outside elements (that's something to think about in your future door decorating)

  Just randomly criss cross your toliet paper across the door.  I used tape to secure it every once and awhile.  Of course add some eyes to it peeking out for more personality.

  The next mummy we made we all had our own empty toliet paper roll and toliet tissue.  Take shreds of the paper and glue them to the tube.  Shreds make it more realistic and don't worry about covering the whole area.

  Add some eyes and lips if your my kids.  Each mummy should represent itself don't you think?  I guess mine is a boy as it doesn't have eyelashes like my daughters.

  They make cute little easy to make projects and as cheap as they are you can make a dozen to decrate your house.  These would make a great Halloween project for kids.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Bucketlist

I don't need to make a bucketlist I have children.  The children are always submitting their requests to me.  Each season and even regardless of the season.  Sometimes they try to use the season as an excuse to request something or go somewhere.  

I like to take it easy when the season changes.  I don't need to run out the gate to a pool on the first day of summer.  Nor do I need to build a snowman when winter hits.  There will be plenty of time to do it so there's no point of stressing with a list.

  What I would like to do this fall in no specific order.

1.  Go to ColonialWilliamsburg. I have been several times but never during Halloween time but they have some amazing wreaths to look at.

2.  A corn maze would be fun for everyone

3.  Last year I went apple picking and that was a fun experience for my little ones.  I would love to check out the trees again and of course the donuts and cider are just a bonus.

4.  Carve a pumpkin.  This year we picked up a dremel so let's see what happens with that.

5.  Visit some more state parks and check out those leaves!

There I have made a list.  One I may or may not follow but it's there for bragging rights.  Fall is all about leaves, apples and pumpkins.  I promise I will partake in viewing or consumption of all the appropriate fall season necessities.

Does drinking pumpkin lattes count?  If so strike that off a bucketlist because I have nailed it.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Meal Plan 10/17-10/21

  Even if you are not following my weekly meal plans do you have your own plan?  How do you decide?  I know some people have a specific day they have a certain meal (taco Tuesday)  Some people plan their meals based on the sales circulars.  Do you continue to make the same meals?  How often do you challenge yourself to a new recipe?

  I look on the Internet for most of my meals.  Sometimes I go to a specialty page and scan for a recipe other times I just make a generic search for porkchops recipes.  I do however shop before I pick my menu.

  My small list of regular necessities are dairy items, cereal, fruit, meat/fish, pasta, beans and veggies.  After that I let loose in the store and grab whatever to create.  I usually shop for the month.

10/17 pasta


10/18 Meatless

10/19  Chicken

10/20 Ground meat (this for me is usually turkey)

10/21 Leftovers

  What are your plans for the week?  I'm hungry just thinking about it.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/9

  Well I'm grateful the week ended better then it began.  A week ago hurricane Matthew was head up the coast, and then he wasn't.  We received a ton of rain and lost power.  Thankfully we had a birthday to celebrate which gave us more of an excuse to use candles.

  I was able to finish one book, complete my new book club book and start on a new one!


The weekly menu was a success with 1 new recipe.

Spinach Ricotta Rotolo

School for little man was hit and miss this week due to errands and appointments on multiple days.  So I will pick that back up next week.

2 crafts in one week compliments of the Dollar Store.

Completed the week with a movie!

I am grateful for having found time for myself as well as trying new things.  I look forward to what is in store for me next week because you know even when you plan, something unexpected always happens.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A Boo Craft

  Time on my hands and a desire to craft and make decorations for Halloween had me whip up a ghost.

  First up is another dollar store craft.  It started with a small plastic gourd.

  Paint the gourd white

 and apply your face.

I used a sharpie but any marker should work as long as you wait for the paint to dry.

  I thought he needed some flair so I tore up some toilet paper and glued it around the bottom of him.  I tried a coffee filter first which didn't look that bad uncut it gave the appearance of a ballet dancer.  Tissue paper or hek if you paint your ghost grey, newspapers would look neat.

  I have thought of many possibilities for him.  He could have holes drilled in him and make a neat banner, float them off your overhead lights over your table or you could even hang him outside cautiously.

  This is a neat and fast way to make a unique ghost.  Another dollar store craft to save some money and decorate for Halloween.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wipe Your Feet Here (DIY doormat)

Today I was feeling extra motivated and completed a few crafts and this DIY mat.  I love looking at DIY projects but they are not all created equal. I promise you this one is pretty easy and cheap!

I picked up everything from dollartree. This doormat cost me $4.  I do not sew hek maybe I can't sew so this mat is glued together.  So technically if you did sew it would be even less.

Gather your supplies.

Choose your mat.  I picked one without ridges so the leaf would adhere to it easier.


  In my store there were only two patterns to choose from.  Leaf it is which is fine for the whole fall season.


  Next like I said I do not sew so I needed some strong adhesive.  I already knew how I was going to use the mat so consider that when you decided what you need.  I used glue dots and a sticky all purpose sticky glue.  The glue is sold in a 3 pack along with the glue dots in the craft section.

  I applied glue dots sporadically along the perimeter of the leaf.

  I then used the glue along the whole outline of the leaf.

I thought of placement prior to the glue application.  Did in want it off center, diagonal or in the center.  Since I was not adding anything else to it including words I just placed it in the middle.

  This is a very thin door mat.  It could be used outside or inside but this is not weather resistant.  I'm not sure it would even be vacuum resistant.   It would be great in the kitchen as long as you don't need the extra support.  Place it in front of a fireplace or bookshelf. I have actually put mine in front of my child's door.

  I am very pleased with the appearance.  That I didn't have to sew it and it looks nice.  At this point I am wondering how many rugs do I need.  These will be easy to put in storage on the off seasons so why not a few more.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Gardens (day trip)

  Do you have a membership anywhere?  Have you contemplated getting one but decided against it after doing the math.  Thinking it wasn't worth it.  You wouldn't go enough times for it to pay itself off.  Didn't like the place enough to come back.  Or just thought maybe later.

  I currently have only one membership.  In the past it has been several but at the moment just one.  My current still active membership is for the local botanical gardens.

  This year for the first time I took advantage of bike night.  Of course the gardens opened their hours and days up to more opportunities so that helped.

  The gardens allows you to ride through most of the grounds as long as you stay on the path which is great for little ones.  My kids thoroughly enjoyed riding through and sometimes we took advantage of the splash park.

  Riding around the park may change up your miles and time but for the most part.  You can at least get a few miles of trails accomplished.  There are plenty of benches to take a break and a few water fountains if you need one.

  These are just a few of the activities you can do at the gardens in addition to seeing all the beautiful flowers in bloom.  When you have a membership you get the privilege of seeing multiple flowers in bloom at any given time.  Throughout the year different flowers, bushes or trees go in bloom randomly.  Even in the colder winter months you are presented with something to look at.  The Rose garden blooms twice a year once in the spring and once in fall.

  They have a beautiful butterfly exhibit open a few months in the summer.  In here you can take advantage of seeing the complete life cycle.  You can ask the staff about what flowers to plant in your own garden to invite and feed the caterpillars and butterflies.

  Over all membership does have its benefits.  I also receive discounts in the store as well as on various classes and tours they offer. Norfolk Botanical Gardens never gets old as the scenery is always changing.  Grab you family and get outside.  Get moving, get fresh air and discover something new at the gardens.