Monday, November 2, 2015

Date 1

  No date ever has to be the same.  We will explore the many options of dating.  To include who you can take on a date, what you can do and where you can go.  You don't always need to go to dinner and a show.  Start something more creative with your date night.  Don't restrict yourself to specific places, times or the same activities.  Explore your community, your neighborhood, your city or state.  Watch a sunrise or sunset.  Getting out of your routine of when and where dates are will help your dates become a little more fun.  No expectations!

  Who you choose to spend your time with and what you plan to do with your dates will make the event more exciting too.  Thinking outside the box is what will change this month for you.  Each week I have planned a new "date" activity for you.  You may choose whomever you want to explore the date with but have set it up with a specific person in mind for each week.

Week 1: Your choice
Week 2: Spouse or person you are dating
Week 3: Friend ( I had your friend in mind be it girl or boy)
Week 4: Your kids
Week 5: Your choice

Todays date is appreciating fall:  You may choose to go with anyone you like or by yourself.  (nothing wrong with that)

  Take a walk or a drive.  15 minutes or half an hour. Talk, silently observe or daydream!  Bring back some mementos of your date.  Leaves, pinecones, acorns and make a centerpiece for your patio table or bring them in (cook the pinecones and acorns to be rid of the bugs) and make some natural fall decorations.  Fill a vase with pinecones! A leaf garland for the entryway!  Acorns in a bowl on your side table!  Small free souvenirs of your first stress-free, money free (except for gas if you drove) date.  Take some pictures of the different leaf colors (to make a 30 day date book) and post one for me to see. Tag me on instagram (@meanroel) or post your photo below!

  Each day I will post a new activity for your date.  You have three choices try my date suggestion, skip my suggestion and wait for another suggestion, or make your own date!

  Either way I would love to see a pictures if you decide to follow through or even if you do something on your own. 

Let's get out there and have some fun!


  1. There's no fall in our place but I love walking with my husband. Ther's a corniche close to our house and we do this everytime.

    1. Thank you! You just taught me a new word. After looking it up it sounds scary but beautiful. I like to walk but after my husband has worked all day it's sometimes a chore for him to walk with me. I would love to see a picture if you care to share.