Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Date 10

  Date 10 is your dinner date.  Why squeeze all your alone time into one day.  Let's spread it out and make it more entertaining.  Remember when you were younger and dating someone.  You would go out with him one day and look forward to seeing him again the next day.  Think of it like that.

  Yesterday was the movies and today dinner.  I also notice in my area that restaurants are less crowded during the middle of the week which also leads to more sales.  The restaurants want you in there so they offer discounts to get you in.

  Outback is one place that comes to mind.  They have a No Worries Wednesday deal.  Two meals for a certain price that includes your appetizer to your dessert.  You can't beat that.  They also started a No Worries Sunday as well.  Although other restaurants offer 2 for 1 deals not specified to Wednesday also.  Red Lobster still has one and Chili's and Applebee's also had one but I am not sure if they still have it going on.

  Not a big deal to call around and plan your dining experience.  See what their specials are and the availabilities.  Again it's no fun to go broke dating.

  Have some dinner and spend time together before, during and after.  Your call what you do but today at least spend a meal together.


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