Sunday, November 1, 2015

30 Days of Dating


 So this month we are going to focus on dating.  Dating in this context is meant to be going somewhere (or participating in an activity) with a person of your choosing whether it is a spouse, girl/boyfriend, parent or child.  To make this month and activity most effective you need to make prior arrangements.  Set a time, date and place.  Ensure money is in order if that is  necessary.  Verify and confirm a sitter is secured for the duration of the timeframe as well.  After all date night wouldn't be so hard to plan for if a lot of us didn't have children.  I remember my early 20's every night wasn't date night because I did have to work.  But the freedom and independence to come and go as I pleased.  No sitter, some weekends wide open from Friday after work till 0700 Monday!

  Now that we have the essential needs out the way let's talk about time.  A date is usually set for the weekend because it helps celebrate the work week is over.  So you can plan as early as Monday for the upcoming Friday if you know your schedule in advance.  Everyone has a different work schedule though so if Friday's don't work for you make date night midweek.  There are some restaurants that offer deals on Wednesday. (Outback has a No Worry Wednesday)  Dates can be any day of the week its all about finding something that works for you.  Once you have a date set negotiate a time.

  What is it you have decided to do?  Do you really have to go out with the rest of the crowd to see a movie at 7:30 pm on a Friday or Saturday?  No, catch a matinee on Saturday or Sunday and save yourself a couple bucks.  Matinees are the same show except they are cheaper and sometimes less crowded.  Lunch stops being served in some restaurants at 4 or 5.  Why does date night have to be about dinner and night time?  Check on your favorite restaurant and see when dinner starts.  You can catch a early dinner before your early show.  That equals a win-win and some money leftover for popcorn!

  There you go folks.  That's all I am giving you today!

Who: Anyone
What: dates and hanging out
Where: anywhere (not just the movies!!)
When: before 4 (and midweek)to save a buck

How: its settled!  Plan and follow through.
Why: because we want to have fun!

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