Friday, November 6, 2015

Date 5 Pop Some Corn

 Let's end the night with an easy dinner.  Todays date is an easy one.  One for the whole family to enjoy as some of them were this week already.  Next week we will get to more personal dating.  Like I said we have all month to get more intimate and more one on one time with our chosen "dates".  Let's finish this week off and I promise more dates without the family are to come.

  Date 5 is pizza night!  It doesn't matter if you buy it or make it but it might be funnier to make.  If you feel ambitious make some crust otherwise skip that part buy some crust and add your own toppings.  I have only made my own pizza sauce once but it wasn't that hard.  The nice thing about making your own pizza though is you are in control of the toppings.  Extra cheese, no problem, pineapple, sure!    You can make it as healthy as you want!  You know what it is exactly going on it! Win, win.

  So tonight pizza is on me, not literally.  Just order take out of your choosing if pizza is not your #1 choice order something else.  Grab a Redbox movie, select something on Netflix put your feet up and grab a blanket.  It's time to snuggle up and watch a movie for date night tonight!

  Feel free to let me know what you ate and what movie you choose.

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