Saturday, November 21, 2015

Date 20

  This is the last day for dating your friend.  This is the last day I provide you with out the box fun with your friend.  You are on your own from here on out.  However I feel confident that I have given you a basic Foundation to plot and plan your own fun!

  This week was fun as you hung out with your friend.  Today is a spa day!  Whether you go out for just a mani and pedi, get your eyebrows down together or book a half or whole day at the spa.  Spend the day getting beautified.  You deserve it if not for at least one day.  If your short on time go ahead and just stop by one of the cosmetic counters and get dolled up!  Your friend will at least tell you if that shade the sales associate put on is not quite you.  I have been a recipient of the makeup counter and second guessed a few decisions made but without a partner in crime who was I to challenge the artist?

  Have fun ladies! Feel free to send me a before and after, or save it in your 30 day dating book keepsake.

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