Sunday, November 15, 2015

Date 14

  Dating... sounds good when you say it but when you start sorting out the details it starts to lose that shine.  Dating doesn't have to lose its shine.  Add some sparkle to your dating life.  You can date anyone you want.  It's really about a person, place, date and sometimes time doesn't even matter. Last week you dated your partner.  This week your dating your friend.

  Call up your friend!  Your best friend from school, friend from work, neighbor or one the mom's you talk to at the gym.  The point of this date is to get out and have fun. The point of this date is to open your eyes to all the available options in front of you.

  Today your date is to play games.  Hang out with your friend and play games.  When was the last time you played a game? Last week with your partner?  This week squeeze some casual conversation in, glass of wine and play games.  Maybe she's part of a bridge group or you like dominoes.  If she's your friend from the gym how about a game of one on one.

Play games or a game with your friend. Let loose and relax. Enjoy yourself!

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