Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Date 17

  This date is a repeat from last week.  It is a classic among the options for dating locations.  It is usually a place to go and enjoy yourselves with minimal interaction.  You have to make a big decision at the beginning of the date but after that it's smooth sailing.  Have you already guessed it?

  Movie night again!  I don't think going to the movies ever gets old.  I love popcorn and the movies are always changing.  Even what you saw last week with your partner may not be the same type of movie you would enjoy with your friend.  So here's your chance to sneak off with your friend and catch a movie.

  Take advantage of the matinee fees and get in there before 4.  If you went in early you could be home before kids get home and you have to make dinner.  I would have had to beg a lot to see Burnt with Bradley Cooper but maybe my girlfriend would like to see it, wink, wink!

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