Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Date 2

  So this month we are making special dates.  Unconventional dates.  Dates with our spouse or children.  Dates with friends or finding some time by yourself.

  Dates that can happen anytime.  No need to wait till 7pm.  They can happen during a sunrise or at noon.  No need to wait till Friday.  There is no time like the present to make it special.

  You don't even need to break the bank on a date.  Breaking the bank won't be fun when you get the bill.  How about you make a few special cheap or free dates.  It's a about quality not quantity.

  Today the date is 
Family night!

  Play a game with the family, a game of Monopoly or Uno.  Maybe for yourself it's solitaire.  I used to love playing Diner Dash (maybe I will dig that out and find time for that too).   Family is your call; with or without children, spouse or not.  This could be about finding time for yourself and play too.

  So today it's about playing!   Who will you play games with?  What will you do?

  Feel free to post pictures of your day 2 date! If you take a picture everyday at the end you'll have 30 days of dates to reflect on!

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