Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Date 23

  I hope this week is proving itself fun.  I hope you are enjoying your undivided time with your child.  Sadly, I need an excuse to stop what I am doing to give one on one attention to my kids.  Everyone is always going in so many different directions that it just becomes second nature to entertain or neglect kids.  But to stop and give undivided attention to just one takes effort.  I need an all hands on deck plan in effect to help. Older ones or dad has to step in so that I can hang out with one child over another.

  So today take your child out and provide them with  some  culture or not.  Today your date is to take them to the museum.  This weekend my youngest daughter and I spent some time at the local art museum.  She asked to stay and look around after we dropped her sisters off. I said sure why not.

  We actually spent the whole day out and about and she really liked it.  The art museum at a childs pace (with a boot) does require patience but as long as she enjoyed herself who cares if she doesn't know who made what.  We discussed different types of art.  I asked if she could make me a bowl with her playdough?  I asked if she could paint the face of a person?  If she could make an abstract picture.  Her little wheels were just turning.  I know she is plotting her future art debate.

  You don't need to go to an art museum.  We have a children's museum as well as even the botanic gardens.  So choose a place they would like to explore. A place you can walk at a comfortable pace and learn and communicate about.

  Have fun!  That's all that matters.  I'm sure your child will just love to experience something new.

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