Friday, November 13, 2015

Date 12

  The week is almost over but the fun doesn't need to be.  Your have hopefully spent some quality time dating your significant other and had fun along the way.  Today is day 12 of a month long dating month.  This week was shared for your chosen mate.  Only a few more days left let's make the most of it!

  Today your date mission is to get out and about.  Check out a car show or whatever his hobby is.  For you maybe you like visiting a art museum or looking at antiques. Spend time sharing what the other person likes.  I'm not sure if you can squeeze both activities in on the same day but that would be best.  Even surprising your date mate with what they look to do would be nice.  No money needs to be spent.  Simply browsing or window shopping is sufficient.  This date is about sharing hobbies, a low key fun activity.  Learning from your partner what they like.

  This date can bring you closet or educate you in unknown areas.  I wouldn't mind looking at cars.  However at a slow, check out all the engines and tires rate of speed may get old quickly.  So I may talk about other things to pass the time.  I might be able to have a full conversation with him, an almost undivided attention conversation because he would be happy and content looking at cars. Doing something he likes to do.  Lol, I would win at a museum too because he may decide to talk more to pass the time as well.  We know how men just love to talk.

  Well there you have it everyone.  Get out and about today and see something.  His and hers today. Equal sharing.  Have fun with this and only one more day before we date someone else.....

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