Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Date 3

  This date is just for the ladies!  I have three girls.  It is hard to give everyone all the attention the want.  Some days are busier than others.  Kids going one way and parents going the other.


  Today play spa with the girls in your home. Or take a few minutes for you.  We have all month to have dates with our spouse and may tend to overlook some downtime with our kids.

  Todays date is to polish and paint some nails.  Make it a little longer and grab a drink, pick up a new color and color each others.  I don't need an excuse to grab a drink!  A little pumpkin does the body good!  I could even slide a new shade in (my husband probably wouldn't even know!)

  My 3 girls have their own requests. The littlest one likes a rainbow of colors, my middle likes a variety of designs and my oldest likes things a little more laid back.  So today I will grab everyone a drink and paint away! What a nice surprise this will be for them.  Sometimes your dates don't have to know ahead of time!

  Paint away and show me what you got!

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