Monday, November 2, 2015

Meal plan 11/2-11/6

   Ok so here I am trying to do my meal plan again!  One week was good the next week not so good.  We eat out on the weekend and depending on what we get it piles up and then that greatly influences my meals for the week.  Pizza and chinese! They will always be the culprit because of the quantity, lol.  We get 2 pizza's on a Friday and 5 or 6 containers of chinese on Saturday or Sunday.

Monday: Shepard's Pie
ground meat (seasoned and browned)
Mashed potatoes (buttered and prepared)
Cream corn (can)
  After the meat and potatoes are done I layer my pan meat first, followed by corn then spread mashed potatoes on top.  I bake it for 20 minutes. (Sometimes I broil it a bit for some color on the top)

Tuesday: Gnocchi

Wednesday: chicken tortilla soup

Thursday: Salmon

Ok, there we have it! Some meal I was supposed to have last week back up there for this week! We shall give it another go!

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