Monday, November 2, 2015

Annies Homegrown Soup (review)

  Today for lunch I tried a box of soup I received in my lovely #comfortvoxbox from +Influenster!  We received the creamy tomato with bunny pasta!
This soup came in a box versus the can and is conveniently ready to serve.  No water or mix-ins are necessary.   This soup is made with organic products and there's a half cup of vegetables per serving.  The soup is all natural free of corn syrup, artificial flavors and preservatives!  So don't tell the kids but feed it to them with a good conscious.

The tomato soup was definitely a tomato base, it was a great flavor and maybe you could add milk to lighten the flavor and gain another serving out of it.  The bunny pasta was a nice change to plain traditional noodles.    My daughter enjoyed seeing them! 

 She was a little apprehensive on the soup only because she is partial to a very selective list of acceptable items.  However her motivation laid with some bunny crackers I said she could have if she ate some soup.

  She liked the soup and tried to convince her brother that it was just tomato and bunny noodles.  As if to tell him the coast was clear I guess.  He didn't not fall for it nor was he charmed by the bunnies.

  To stretch meals in my house I usually make accompaniments and for this I choose good old grilled cheese! 

  Creamy tomato soup with bunny pasta, cheddar bunny crackers and a grilled cheese sandwich.  A great classic lunch with a little fun sprinkled in.  #choosegood

Checkout the other flavors and products at

Thank you @Influenster for providing me with the soup for testing and review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

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