Sunday, November 8, 2015

Date 7

  First date this week with your spouse.  Let me get this clear up front in case I don't always write it out.  This week is for your significant other.  Whomever that is.  Married or not.  This week is about sharing time, making time with the one you love the most, or the one you usually spend time with the least.  I may say spouse, I may say significant other.  Just so you know; I don't know who it is for you.  I don't know what their title is in your life but now you know whom I am referring to.

    Today hopefully it is nice where you are.  Todays date is for the outdoors.  Date 7 is for an outdoor park adventure.  This week make time to hang out with your spouse.  Take a trip around your local park, lake or trail.  Your call whether it is a flower garden, 3 mile trail or even a loop around the duck pond.  Of course you can always pack a lunch then take a nice stroll around, or if time does not allow then just squeeze in some time at the park just the two of you, leaves crunching under your toes, no kids, maybe even holding hands.  No stress for this time, no talk of work or bills, just be in the moment because you will be back in reality before you know it.

  Take a photo of your date and even if you don't post it save it to make a book of your 30 days of dating.  It will be nice to reflect on and remember when you dedicated a whole month to dating.

  Feel free to post your story or picture in the comments below.

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