Sunday, November 29, 2015

Date 28

  Well this challenge of a month of dating ends tomorrow.  So for the last two days I have decided to make it about you.  One single person dating theirself.  I'm not forcing you to the movies or even to eat alone.  That is a huge hurdle for some.  I personally have gone our by myself but it's not my first go to activity.  I have even gone to the movies by myself atleast once.  I was even going to actually go again last week but didn't quite make it.  So probably this week coming up.  Sometimes you want to do something and noone else does so why not just go by yourself?

  Today is all about you!  Go away for a couple hours but, no grocery shopping, or errands, or anything related to the house!  Take a ride or maybe a walk and enjoy yourself.  Take a few deep breathes of air and reflect on who you are.  Take the day to enjoy something for you.  Go where you want to go.  Can you get away during nap time?  Can you go away before bedtime.  Squeeze in a few hours.  Take a walk, go to the mall and walk around.  No stress for two hours.  To me that is a nice date. The peace and quiet of few moments.

  Enjoy your day and have fun.  I am going to write and save this date as it would be nice to make time for myself.  I never do and maybe one day a month for just me would be nice.  I'm going to pencil a date with myself every month.  Movie, dinner, eyebrows waxed, lol the sky is the limit!

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