Thursday, November 5, 2015

Date 4

  Let's keep this calm and slowly approach the real dating.  We have time for that later.  Right now we are focusing on where we can go, who we can go with and what we can do.

  So each day this month we are taking time to make a little time for you (me), us!  Making time for not just us but our spouse, friend and kids.  Dating can be with anyone, anywhere.

  Today take it easy and take a trip to the library.  I suggest this because I haven't gone to the library for myself.  I always get distracted and get books for my kids.  So this trip is for us!  I personally am getting a book but, you can pick up videos (cheaper than redbox) audio book or a magazine!

  Maybe you can even squeeze in a bath with bubbles, candles and a couple chapters of a your book.  Sound nice?!  I am not sure I can push my luck with all that.  I can get close to half hour of me time when my kids take their bath.  It's hard to focus with all the screams and squeals but that's some valuable time.

  So get to reading.  Kindle is fine too, I'll let that slide but pick up something for you!  Post your pictures and let me see what you got!

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