Monday, November 16, 2015

Meal plan 11/16 - 11/20

  Here we are another week another starving tummy or 6?  Each week my goal is to share recipes with you of what we are eating for the week.  My recipes are NOT original rather just ones I have dug up and am going to cook for my family for the week.  Most of them will not be repeats but if the meal was a real success or super easy it may show up again.

  By sharing these meals with you it offers you a new idea of what you could make, shows you its easy (and hopefully quick) to make.  My meals also help you from surfing the net for your next meal.  I have done all the work for you except bought your groceries and cooked.

  Though out the week I post random teasers on instagram and twitter about the meal of the night.  I invite you to join me to catch a sneak peek even though you already know what the meal is.

  Each week will vary in ingredients, from cooking with the crock pot to meatless nights as well.  This week will be 2 crock pot meals and 1 meatless dinner.

11/16 Monday
Tacos!  Pretty self explanatory.  We will have hard shells and burritos, refried beans and all the fixings


11/17 Tuesday ***crockpot***
Corn and Potato Chowder with Ham

11/18 Wednesday **meatless**
Salmon, couscous and spinach

11/19 Thursday chicken with pasta

11/20 Friday Pulled pork and coleslaw

There you have it folks.  Another week down.  Happy eating!

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