Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday (ATC'S)


  Yesterday I told you about kids artist trading cards.  Today this Wordless Wednesday is going to show you cards from various children at different artistic levels.

  These kids have sent in cards to trade with other kids.  Kids are able to make cards up by any means be it hand drawn, collage style or multimedia.  The only rule is that cards need to be 2.5 by 3.5 in size. 

  Some kids create cards for individual trades.  They can make cards of whatever is on their mind for individual trades.  There are not rules for trading individually  The theme, or topic is whatever the child chooses.
 Art created on a card is priceless.  Art created by a child is priceless.  Art shared with a world of other children leads to learning, discovery, acceptance, motivation and encouragement.

There are a variety of themes. This theme was robots.  Note the level of artists, the techniques and styles.  All cards are traded out amongst the participating children.

Here displays cards sent in for a camping theme.  Each theme requires the child to make 3 cards and in return they will receive 3 back.  They may receive a card as local as California or as far away as Canada.  

  We had monkeys swing in.

Pirates looking for the buried treasures was another theme.  I try to make them child focused.  Even if they are something you can't draw as pictured.  The background was drawn and a sticker complimented the scene very nicely.

We celebrated love in February.
We even celebrated 100 members together.
  This is a good group of kids.  They try their hardest and in actuality no one is perfect.  Cards are welcome for all children ages 4/5 and up.  Parents are more than welcome to assist the children with their cards.  Helping them focus on an idea, maybe cleaning it up a little, drawing an image and letting them color it in.  These kids are happy to give and receive. 
Some learning factors with this game of fun include not only art, but geography, internet research to find ideas to draw, or learn a new technique, and I have had special themes where information was required on the back such as state based cards containing facts about their home state or country!
  There are different themes each week.  You may choose to join one or some.  Mail all the cards together to save on postage or send separately.  Themes are not necessarily child focused, boy or girl focused but I have had fairies, dinosaurs or glitter in the past.  We just finished up a numbers, dragons and unicorns, pumpkins and leaves.    Upcoming events include dinosaurs, planets and bugs.

  This is not an expense activity for your kids.  Cards can be made out of cardstock, cereal boxes/sturdy cardboard, even some of the paint sample cards are the exact size.  I have a lot of cardstock at the moment but have used boxes and either glued paper to it instead of cardstock or used it as the base and worked off that surface.  Any arts and craft supplies you have at home are sufficient.  Feathers, crayons, magazines, pencils, markers, stickers and fabric.  The only real expense is in the postage area.  Mailing to me and sending your return postage with it. 

Your invited to email me, send me a message on Facebook or comment below for admittance into the group.

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