Saturday, November 7, 2015

Date 6

  The point of this month was to not break the bank but to introduce you to new ideas for dating.  It's not about dinner and a movie.  It's about spending quality time with people or a person you care about and having fun doing it.  It's about looking outside the box and exploring new ideas even doing something that you usually do but making it a little funnier.  Making it funnier by doing it together, a little bit different or  even sharing the experience with someone at all.  A couple of the ideas shared this week you could have even done by yourself.  Although no one wants to be alone sometimes alone time is nice too.  Time to read a book, take a bath or paint your nails.

  Today was about sharing the work load.  Sharing the workload can pass the time quicker.  Two can complete a job a whole lot faster than one.  Two can also have fun side by side.  One of you can rake leaves while the other jumps in it.  Not just meaning adults; you as the adult as the parent can rake leaves and take turns with the kids as well.  This is no different than laying down in the snow and making a snow angel in the winter or making a sandcastle at the beach.  I notice how much fun I have sometimes when I do things now that I did do as a child.

Date 6 is sharing the chores.  At my house weekly chores are usually done on Saturday.  However if you have a different chore day or want to make it fun and spice it up another day take the day you take out the recyclables or wash the dishes after dinner.  I'm sure if you and your spouse did the dishes that would make the best date for the kids with a night off.  Maybe you guys could fold the laundry together.  While your in there play a trick on the kids and switch their clothes out.  Nothing wrong with a little entertainment.

Have fun everyone.  Tomorrow will start the week to date your spouse or significant other.  As always feel free to share your comments or pictures in the comments.

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