Monday, November 9, 2015

Date 8

  Yesterday you spent the day walking around the park or wherever you decided to go.  Lets take it easy today and stay home.  Of course my ideas are just suggestions.  Something for you to think about.  Something to give you some variety in your dating.  A new way of looking at things.  A new way of spending time.

  Today your date is to stay home and play a game.  Just you two not the kids.  So you may need to wait till you get them in bed, put them to bed early, or get up earlier.  Sometimes you need to squeeze in time wherever you can get it.

  Games is a pretty broad area.  You can pick a board, card, electronic or outside game.  Monopoly, UNO, the Wii, or a game of tennis outside. 

  This is not about who wins or loses its more about the act itself.    Play a game with each other.  Uninterrupted.  Again just like before this is all about the two of you;  so try to keep the children entertained or occupied elsewhere.  You could even set them up with their own game elsewhere but this is just for you too.

  Comment below and let me know what game you guys decided (and who won). 

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