Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's orange and round and only comes out in fall?

  Surprise, it's pumpkins!  I am a pumpkinlover.  I am going to start a petition to all business owners to start their pumpkin promos on the same day.  I hate when I get excited and my hopes up to start binging on pumpkin at my local eateries only to find out that not all eateries are have their pumpkin goodies available yet.

  You have no idea when I walk into a coffee shop to find out they have it (I asked because I didn't see it).  I see it on a business sign down the street. Great to know I will be back but no all businesses are as punctual.  I just went to a restaurant the other day not specifically for the pumpkin goodness but it would have ended my lunch better.  They told me the pumpkin goodness would be there after October 1st.  Ok, thanks for supporting the pumpkin movement but it would have been nice if you started a little earlier.

  I am giving myself a new challenge.  A 31 day challenge! It's for health reason.  I will consume pumpkin everyday this month.  I will try to do my part to help the pumpkin farmers!  I may not make all the yummy goodness some of it may be bought but I will still be indulging in pumpkin for 31 days.

  Today I started with finishing off some pumpkin coffee from yesterday and then I made some fresh goodness.  I made a smoothie to start out my 31 day challenge.

  I have made this recipe before and really enjoy the flavors.  I am not to concerned with the specific ingredients it calls for Greek yogurt and skim milk.  Unless you are counting calories or shooting for more protein.  Just have fun use the ingredients you have on hand and make this.

   I have everything which always makes whipping something up easier.  Grab your blender and these ingredients.  You will not be disappointed.

I just bought 5 cans at the store last month.  I will need to go back and get more cans to supply this challenge but I don't always use a whole can for everything I make.  

A frozen banana is a staple in my freezer.  I do run out of fresh bananas on the counter sometimes but I do have a bag of them in the freezer awaiting to be utilized.  Most of them make it in there due to be borderline rotten but these are when a banana is the sweetest and the best ones to use.  I often use frozen bananas in smoothies not just for flavor but as a thickening agent, banana ice cream and peanutbutter banana snacks.

The infamous maybe under used kitchen appliance.  The blender.  I don't do any fancy tricks with mine and it is years old but works great.  As long as the job gets done that's all that matters.

  The result is amazing!! Pumpkin Pie Smoothie is my go to pumpkin drink every year.  If you like pumpkin I don't have to sell you on the deal but if you like pumpkin you really should try this.

 Here's to a happy healthy pumpkin season.    
Thank you sallysbakingaddiction for your delicious pumpkin-pie-protein-smoothie.  I use this recipe several times!!


  1. Pumpkin seems stop be everywhere it seems!

    1. Yes, Trisha! I do like to see what else they can flavor with pumpkin but don't necessarily partake in everything.

    2. Yes, Trisha! I do like to see what else they can flavor with pumpkin but don't necessarily partake in everything.

  2. I will sign your petition, I love pumpkin in everything and your pumpkin pie smoothie sounds so good. I can't wait to try it!

  3. Pumpkins and apples is where it's at in the fall! I love both and my family does to so makes things fun when it comes to trying new recipes out!