Friday, October 30, 2015

Date nights in November

  Young and in love.  I remember those days.  Fast forward 15 years and 4 children later.  I am not as young and maybe as bubbly as I used to be.  I do drag myself out of bed with a little less enthusiasm and its not because I had the privilege of staying out all night.  It is because I am on the go from sun up to sun down without a break and the scattered bits of fun are not as plentiful as it was when I was younger.

  I am going to share a bit about dates.  Dating doesn't need to be with your spouse.  If your spouse is in the military and deployed why stick around until he is back.  Maybe your spouse works evenings and sleeps during the day.  Maybe your a nurse and work the graveyard shift.  There are 24 hours in a day and we need to sleep some part of the day and I think we need to get out and about for some of it too.

  I have several kids so I not only think I want a break; I need one.  So grab your spouse, your neighbor, your friend, your sister and down the road we'll even throw in some adventures with the kids.  Let's share what we do for a date night.  I  will share some ideas and you can share yours.  Ultimately this is not a break the bank date night.  Lets discover some new ideas along the way to have fun!

  November 1st will start the kick off.  I will post a new date night idea everyday.  You obviously will not be going out every night but you may run across a new idea that week to do for the weekend or your day off.  I am hoping to stir up some ideas versus the dinner and a movie as well as some cheaper ways to celebrate time off.  Time off of work, house duty or wherever you put in the most time helping others than yourself.

  Date night is not about go broke or go big.  Just relax and unwind.  You time or couples time.  Girlfriend time or specific child focused time.  I think its about just relaxing for a period of time to regroup.  Time to smile and enjoy life amongst the work life that we do what seems like all the time.    You and whomever you choose to share this time with will both appreciate it as it is time you are enjoying yourself.  My list is just suggestions and if nothing else I hope you get inspired and maybe continue to set time aside for yourself. 

  Skip the traditional and do something unique. 

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