Sunday, October 18, 2015

Menu 10/19-10/23

  Another week another menu plan to stay focused.  I do base some menus based on appointments or activities arranged for the week.  It makes it easier in case I am running late.  I don't need to stop and think about what we are eating dinner I can just keep calm and cook on!  Just because I'm going to be home at 5 doesn't mean I should have made a crockpot meal.  There are quick meals I can whip together too.

  Last week I didn't follow my plan as we had a couple days of disfunction, extended dr appointments and spontaneous pizza nighs.  So those meals got rolled over to this week in order to use the fresh food an meat up.

10/19 Monday Corned beef and potatoes

10/20 Tuesday lasagna

10/21 Wednesday copycat Zuppa Tuscana soup need sausage!!!

10/22 Thursday (meatless meal)

10/23 Friday definitely  a leftover day!

  Next week will be new I promise.  After I am caught back up with what I pulled out of the freezer.  It's almost time to go grocery shopping! I love shopping no matter what kind it is.

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