Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reviewsio: a review group

  I am excited to tell you of this new group I just joined.  You know I have been reviewing products and I share them with you on my you-tube channel as well as a few on here.  Well I am excited with joining this new group as it will provide me with more opportunities to review products as well as more exposure.

  It is hard to find a good review group.  Some groups have a pick me type of order, some allow you to select one or two products at a time, another group started me at the bottom with the lower priced products for a period of time and this group like a few others lets you shop around.  You select items you are interested in reviewing and await a code to be emailed to you.  This code applies the discount upon checkout on Amazon.  What you pay depends on the product you select.  You also do not pay shipping as long as you are a Prime member. 

  Feel free to check this group out with my referral https://reviewsio.com/register?mref=Meanroel.  Let me know what product you got and how you liked it.

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