Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crave Natural Nail Files (review)

   I don't take pride in my nails to an obsession level but I do take care of them, keep them clean, trim them, paint them and file them quite regularly.  Filing them can be a chore.  You always seem to lose the file you like most or if it was a quick buy at a store it may have been a quick fail.

  I was privileged to have been providing glass nail files and they came in a nice zippered leather case!  I like the case aspect because it keeps them safe and organized in one easily to find place.

   Without a case, I could loose one, it could get broke or I wouldn't be able to find a nail file in my purse when I needed one.
   See the colors! See the plentiful colors.  I have 5 nail files.  Just in case I want to share one, or feel like using a green one today.   Glass nail files are more indestructible and if that's not convincing they able to be washed off in order to keep the germs at bay.
 You technically don't need to hoard them.  Keep them in your bathroom or towel closet and you can designate a color to each family member (if you have only 5).  Everyone is responsible for their own. Leave them together and it makes finding them some much easier with the case.

  These are a good product to have on hand. Everyone has nails and I would rather have a product I don't need to continue to replace. One that lasts and being sleek and pretty is just a bonus.

 I was provided this product for review and all opinions are 100 % mine.

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