Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin recipe enclosed for Day 21 pumpkinchallenge

  The pumpkin challenge is still around.  Day 21 is done and over.  I have only a few days left but can say this was a great journey.  No, I didn't make something everyday but it was my game and my rules so I get to make the exceptions.  Besides the homemade outweighs the store/restaurant items!

  Today's recipe was found on a pumpkin dedicated board on my pinterest.  Check out what else in have pinned by selecting the tab on the side.  I have a wide range of boards from fashion, to recipes, to homeschool lessons, to crafts, science and DIY projects.

  Todays pumpkin cake was super easy.  I like that I got to pull out some ramekins.   I bought 4 (need 2 more) awhile ago and only use them randomly.  So when I pull them out it makes the occasion feel extra special.  Besides everyone loves to have their own cake and some of us need a little bit of portion control.  A ramekin guarantee one slice (basically) and not a piece more.

  The recipe was originally made to make 2 ramekins but ramekins do come in different sizes and I have never been one to get an exact count to compare with what the recipe states.  So I present you 3 cakes. (Still an issue for 6 people to get a sample of however)  But never fear we made do and we will keep this recipe to make again and doubling it will not be a problem.

Of course when you make it in a ramekin depending on the size it really looks just like a cupcake.  But that's ok because this little cake was delicious.  I did leave off the topping and used all purpose flour for the whole thing but this was a great, moist tasting cake.  Again the smell coming out of my oven was divine. I wish I could capture that and share it with you.

Thank you howsweeteats. This recipe was delicious!

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