Monday, October 26, 2015

1+1 math fun

  I don't post alot of what we are learning or working on but occasionally share some pictures of our day.  Today I am dedicating this post to Math.

  No matter how good or bad you are with numbers.  No matter if math is your least favorite class from school.  Math is in everything we do and is vital to our daily functions.  You need math when you make a purchase, sew clothes, buy a couch and need to fit it in you door or installing wall to wall carpet.

  You have to know numbers to tell the time, read a date on the calendar, count your money, for your clothing or shoe size. Its in your address and phone number. You also use it in cooking or baking.

  Math as much as I hate to admit it we need you.  So math lessons are an important part of our daily lessons.  We embrace math in all its glory everyday.

We are currently working on some of these math areas.
                     Telling  time.


Money identification.

I am homeschooling my youngest daughter. She is not recognized as such because she is a newly turned 5 year old.  She is working on a mix of kindergarten and 1st grade work.  

In addition to hands on learning we use workbooks, computer programs, make crafts and take field trips.  We cook in the kitchen, have physical education and play music.

Everyday is full of new adventures.  All days are not always good.  Sometimes we don't accomplish as much as other days.  while some days fly right by.  It is a struggle but it is nice to have the ability to teach my child.  It feels enormously great to know I am responsible for what she has learned so far.

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