Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall bucketlist

  We have already done alot this month and it's only just begun.  I have assembled items I would like to accomplish for fall.  This will be easier than breaking things down monthly.  I look at various sites for daily,weekly and monthly activities and events so those will get added at the bottom. My list is comprised of things for me to do as well as my kids or as a family.

Fall Bucket list
1. Apple picking -DONE
2. Cider and donut eating (we already did at the orchard but that was one donut and a small bit of cider)
3. Check out some changing leaves (leaves do not change here as pretty as there are when I drive away from the area)
4. Carve pumpkins
5. Attend the lighthousechallenge in NJ (next weekend fingers crossed I haven't made overnight accommodations)
6. Leaf crafts with my kids
7. Sewing project (beanie)
8. Shopping (score thrift store deals) Let's shoot for 2! Hoping I can reuse as gifts or repurpose.
9. Which brings me to be on the look out for Christmas presents.
10.  Finish my pumpkin challenge 30 days (not all homemade but let's focus on eating the pumpkin, lol)
11. New face! I have been wearing makeup, watching tutorials of different styles, techniques and products and hope to break into that area as well.  So far I have applied daily and am up to day 6! Pictures are on  my instagram.
12. I would like my daughter to know her money and time
13. Take a nature walk and scavenger hunt with my little ones.
14. A nice toasty night out with a fireplace would be nice ( might not happen as I like heat and my husband doesn't)
15. 1 new recipe a week (let's make it more complicated I have been doing this pumpkin challenge and all those recipes are new to me but how about 7 new vegetarian meals.  That will get me through Nov.)

Ok, I feel more fulfilled having wrote down some ideas.  Now to remember them and take the time to complete them.

Follow along as I will post updates when I have completed them and share with you how I am coming along.

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