Sunday, October 25, 2015

Meal plan 10/26-10/30

  Back again for a new week of meals.  I pull my recipes off the Internet from various sites for my dinners.  This helps me try new things , builds my culinary skills, helps to showcases many people who share their recipes, and provides you with new options without looking to far.

10/26 Monday Chicken Pot pie (to include biscuits posted)

10/27 Tuesday Gnocchi (meatless meal)

10/28 Wednesday Shepard's Pie (my recipe which may be very basic)

ground meat (seasoned and browned)
Mashed potatoes (buttered and prepared)
Cream corn (can)
  After the meat and potatoes are done I layer my pan meat first, followed by corn then spread mashed potatoes on top.  I bake it for 20 minutes. (Sometimes I broil it a bit for some color on the top)

10/29 Thursday Parmesan crusted salmon

So there it is folks! Two days this week are meatless.  No crockpot either!  This will also be the last week for my pumpkin challenge.  I'll miss that.  Just kidding, I will be eating it I'm sure; just not on a daily basis.

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