Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Who Is this Person

  Today it's all about me.  My name is Rose.    I am a mom of 4.  Residing in VA by way of upstate NY and made few pit stops along the way due to the military.  Besides NY I spent time in ND so I know cold weather and snow.  I may not share advice but will share the good, bad and ugly of my family journey.  I will share what worked for us and will learn along the way from my mistakes and your assistance.

  I do homeschool my younger children although due to their ages one is more cooperative than the other. So I just try to sneak in learning to my almost 3 yo when he's not looking.

  I enjoy working out.  I have an injury right now that has me taking a 2 month long break but when I'm done with this temporary lapse I will be back.

  I enjoy exploring.  I have an on going challenge to finish seeing all the state parks of VA.  I frequent local parks and playgrounds with my kids.  We take hikes, ride bikes and rent boats.  We put plenty of miles on our shoes this year.

  I am not a professional chef, baker or cook.  I do however know how to read and whip up recipes at sometimes even a moments notice.  I eagerly share the recipes I look up with you.  Right now I am working through a pumpkin challenge.  Everything in this challenge is not made by me.  I do include a pumpkin donut or latte that I pick up.

  Lastly, I review various products, post local specials and share samples and national deals with you as I become aware of them.

  I appreciate your company as I share with you what we are doing, seeing or being.  I am going to challenge myself along the way. Maybe start and complete a few books, some DIY projects and whatever else looks fun.  Misery loves company or happiness is having company.  Either way your always invited to follow my day.

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