Friday, October 2, 2015

GoodBelly Probiotic Juice (Review)

  I recently received a coupon to try a GoodBelly product.  I am all about incorporating healthy into our meals.  I was not familiar with this brand or product prior to receiving this coupon so with trying anything new you are a little apprehensive.

  At my local grocery store is where I picked up this product.  They had GoodBelly juice and GoodBelly Plus Shots.  GoodBelly is your source to great tasting probiotics.  Probiotics is essential in maintaining a healthy digestive tract or aid in soothing an upset one.  My store only had a couple flavors available compared to the 7 varieties posted on their website.  I choose the Mango flavor.

 My carton was 1 qt in size.  The other available flavor was blueberry.  My store also had some GoodBelly Plus Shots available but the juice sounded better at the time. This product is soy/dairy free, vegan and non-gmo.  

  We drank a couple glasses as to get a good understanding of any product you need to try it in its original state!  Then I decided on building on the great flavor.

 I selected several items to enhance the flavor!

I made several cups of new GoodBelly juice!  To one glass I added bananas to one glass then strawberries to that mix.  

  I also used yogurt and GoodBelly threw it in the freezer and viola!  A healthy treat!  My youngest daughter did drink the juice before I added anything, drank it with everything and ate the popsicle.

  Even just freezing your juice may help in giving this to your children.  Probiotics helps in getting things moving through the digestive tract too which is sometimes a problem with children!  My children had digestive problems when they were younger and this product would have made things easier in giving them what their body needed.

On one side of the carton they offer you to take the 12 day challenge to reboot your belly it's just 3 cartons at 1 8 oz glass a day.  They offer coupons through your email and guarantee you will love it! 

Check out GoodBelly in your store your belly will thank you for it!

***** UPDATE***** 
 It is not recommended to freeze this juice as the probiotic goodness can be compromised thus leading to a lack of or no benefits at all.

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