Monday, October 5, 2015

Coffee with benefits

  I wanted to write this post as I'm not sure how many people are fully aware of their coffee benefits.  Most people find a brand or restaurant and stay loyalty to it.  I was like that myself until I consciously started looking at what I'm getting back.

  Flavor is an important part of coffee too but price is second if not first in some cases.  We pay more for some brands when other coffee establishments or convenience store offer the same if not more or less of a variety.  The price is an obvious difference that's what you will see first over taste.  My question to you is what else do you get for that purchase of coffee?  I have the rewards cards.  One card gives me points and I earn a free drink basically every month while also being my gift card that I load every month for the purchase but what makes this a better deal, one that helps me stretch my money, a huge benefit to my coffee allowance is discounts.  You can earn discounts with the purchase of the establishments cups.

  A cup depending on where you get it can range anywhere for a couple dollars on up.  The benefits from the cups also depending on where you get them saves you drastically or very minimally.  I don't know about you but I choose huge over little savings.

These are some of the cups I have.  I do have multiple cups for some places.  Everyone may need a his and her or a mom and child cup.    I even have a Tim Hortons cup that I picked up back home.  I am not endorsing the purchase of any of the cups I am merely suggesting you to look into purchasing a refillable cup to minimize your coffee expense.  

  Even before you so that try other locations.  Most locations have the same flavors.  Some flavors actually taste the same and some do not.  After you have decided your go to place whether it it a new or not look into the other benefits.

  Dunkin Donuts benefits of a refillable cup is the price of a small coffee or small latte.    I can't tell you an exact price of a cup and there are several to choose from but you are saving money with nit being charged for a medium or large size.

  Starbucks has a variety of cups for a variety of prices there discount for reusing their refillable cup is .10.

  Tim Hortons also sells refillable cups but as they are not plentiful in my area I am not sure what their discounts are.

  Lastly, Wawa has a special for the month of October.  All refills are $1.00 this month but, the price will increase to 1.30 depending on the size after the special is over. (I was also told you can refill anything even a thermos for a special rate)

  There are a few local/national stores that I am not aware of their coffee refillable benefits such as 7-11, Royal Farms or Shell.  Feel free to comment with any benefits for refillable cups.

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