Sunday, October 11, 2015

Menu plan 10/12-10/16

  Last week worked out great with some feedback on the the overall concept of being organized and of how having a plan makes for a better week.  I am utilizing the crockpot again this week but the meals this week hold true to easy and quick.

10/12: Monday lasagna

10/13: Tuesday chicken lazone

10/14: Wednesday copycat Zuppa Tuscana soup need sausage!!! I do have plans to eat out this day (with a food reviewers group) so this may be a leftover day.

10/15: Thursday corned beef and potatoes

10/16: Friday hmm, let's just plan something again to see what happens.  This will help in case all food is consumed during the week that I already made.

  So I guess I may have two leftover days this week.  Thinking about it now in advance that doesn't sound like a bad deal at all.  We will see how that works out.

P.S. In keeping up with my bucketlist the lasagna would be a new recipe for me! (Cabbage in the crockpot will be too but I didn't know if that counted.  I would count it because I will follow the Recipe otherwise my meal would be considerably bland.)

Feeding the family equals a happy family!

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