Monday, October 5, 2015

Meatless Monday

  I do not specifically declare Monday as meatless days but I do try to have one weekly.  We have minimal problems with that here as everyone likes beans, fish or vegetables.

  I bought some fresh vegetables with some specific meals in mind and I am bound and determined to eat the veggies up before the spoil and I have to throw them out.  I will post our menu plan for the next few days.

  As you know by now I am not a chef.  I use other people's recipes and share them with you guys.  I think that's just as good as you see a regular person making an easy recipe.  

  Today's recipe I have shared before as a few more I may be sharing with you this week but you know you always have a few go to recipes or your monthly favorites.

  Tonight's recipe was quick and easy!  I will be using one ingredient for two meals so I'm getting more for my money too!  I will be doing that a few times this week.  Keep in mind we are a family of 6 so I try to stretch as much as I can.

Recipe credit myrecipes.

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