Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No repeats here! Pumpkin Waffles Today!

  We make a lot of hot breakfast in this house! Does that make us morning people?  Maybe just people that are hungry.  Today in maintaining my goal of 30 days consuming pumpkin we started out early with a batch of pumpkin waffles.

  I love my waffle maker.  I have had this waffle maker for years.  My mom made me waffles on a regular basis growing up.  She of course doubled the batch as we ate plenty of them.  I on the other hand make a single batch and cook eggs with it or offer other items as a space filler.  A waffle maker was the first kitchen appliance I asked for as a grown up.  This is the very same one!  I will skip the part that tells you how old this machine is but it has definitely been a gift that keeps giving.

  Can you see how loved it is? Do they call that seasoned?  White doesn't look like the best color for this appliance?  Maybe I will see if I can clean off the "love".

 This morning I had the teen make the waffles.  Sometimes I sit in the other room and bellow the ingredients sometimes I hover around her.  When I am not directly in her space she asks less questions and gets the job done.  When I'm standing near her she seems to doubt herself.

 Wet bowl and dry bowl for this recipe she has done this before.  No questions about separating them and stirring thoroughly.  But why do I need to make a well? What is that extra for?

   She did a great job! First thing she said after bite number one was these were the best waffles she ever made! I will have to agree with her that theses are "those waffles" that syrup is barely necessary.

These waffles had just the right amount of pumpkin flavor.  The recipe only called for a 1/2 cup of pumpkin!  
 A faint trace of syrup was added on these but you can definitely go without. These waffles were delicious and will be added to our breakfast options (note to self always keep can of pumpkin on hand).

Todays recipe pumpkin-waffles!

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