Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekly meal re-cap

  I can say my meals went fantastic this week.  I followed the plan each day.

Monday was corned beef and potatoes compliments of the crockpot.  Don't you love to set it and forget it.
 Tuesday was lasagna.  Even though I used cottage cheese and was going to add spinach it was a filling meal.
 Next up was copy cat Zuppa Tuscana soup.  My husband really enjoys this soup when we go to Olive Garden and actually honestly likes when make this one as well.
 Lastly, to end the week even though it was Thursday was our meatless meal.  It was black bean burgers.  No burger meal is complete without fries so I paired my burger with eggplant fries.  This was a big hit with my teen.  I was quite pleased with the results if this meal.

Friday the kitchen is open but it's a self serve deal.  All leftovers are fair game what little there were.  Of course pizza is always optional as well.

Did you see what my pumpkin consumption was for the week?  I made pumpkin cakes and pumpkin crepes in addition to a milkshake from Burger King and ice cream!

Stay tune for next week to see what's on the menu.  

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