Saturday, October 24, 2015


  Fall is not over and winter is not close yet.  Hmm, is that like the glass is half full?  I want to take full advantage of the season and live everyday to the fullest.
 What my senses love about the fall!

Hearing:  I love to hear the crunch of leaves under my feet!  There is an odd silence in the fall maybe not so odd maybe all the bird I listen are gone!  I like the silence though!

Smell: So many smells in the fall.  I like the air in general I don't know if it's fresh air or dead leaves but there's something about it.  I also love the smell of fireplaces burning.  I don't personally have a fireplace but I enjoy the smell in the air when I'm walking around outside.

Taste:  Of course all things pumpkin and apples are not to bad either.  It's funny to say because I use canned pumpkin so what's the big deal; I could eat that anytime of year but it's not the same.

Sight:  All the leaves are a classic.  It never gets old.  I am not privileged to see the colors changing in VA (my part) as much as I have seen them in upstate NY but if I drive a few hours I catch sight of them.

Touch:  This one is a hard one.  What
touch is different than any other time of year.  I will choose cozy.  I like to be warm.  I love summer because no extra clothes are necessary.  In the fall however I have to regulate my body temperature more.  More sweaters, turtlenecks and sweatshirts.

  I do enjoy fall like any other season.  It is not my favorite but I make do and appreciate some points it brings to me and my environment.

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